Football SUNDAE!!!!

Yes, it’s “Football Sundae”…and you know I have my picks for this weeks winners; ready for you to battle me on…..:)

Let’s GO!!

REDSKINS will mollywop the lowly Vikings…(yes, I really did just write that.)

The Bills are in for a beatdown courtesy of the STEELERS.

TITANS will smash the Texans….easily. (Why is this game even being played?)

GIANTS defense can’t be stopped…Jags will fight, but will lose by at least 7. (sorry.)

PANTHERS will beat the Browns…this game will be boring. (hits snooze button)

RAVENS will show the Buccs how it’s done…Ray Lewis is a beast. This game is a wrap.

EAGLES will soar to another victory over the Bears…this game will be close. But the Eagles got this.

PACKERS will break the Falcons wings…easy win for Green Bay.

DOLPHINS of course will beat the Raiders(duh.) Hey Seymour, no knocking out QB’s this week ok?

CHIEFS will beat the Seahawks….KC all the way.

RAMS will beat the Broncos…at home. This game will be the biggest upset of the day. Broncos have been playing terrible lately.

Chargers don’t stand a chance against the COLTS. They will lose by 7 or more.

So those are my picks…last week I went 11/12 if you recall. Put your bets in now. :)



Author: BeccaSTAR

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