IceCream blame game…Heat players say their coach is the reason they keep losing

So I guess the new trend is that if your team loses….blame the coach.

ESPN has reported that the Miami Heat players are frustrated with coach Erik Spoelstra and are questioning whether he is fit to coach the team.

According to the report, sources said that the players think Spoelstra “is not letting them be themselves” and “that they are questioning his offensive strategies.” The Heat coach reportedly called out LeBron James during a recent practice in front of the team, telling him to get more serious.

In the third quarter of Miami’s 106-95 loss to Dallas on Nov. 27, James bumped Spoelstra during a timeout. The 40-year-old coach downplayed the incident, reportedly saying he didn’t notice the bump until he was told about it after the game. Miami has lost four of their last five games and are 9-8 overall.

I think this is a case of karma…LBJ “took his talents to Southbeach” and look where it got him. The 3 Kings are far from getting “crowned” this year….huh Kobe?



Author: BeccaSTAR

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