IceCream Superbowl bet: Lil Wayne’s challenge to Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa

Lil Wayne thinks the Steelers don’t have a chance at winning the Superbowl….

Weezy appeared on ESPN’S “First and 10″ today wearing a Green Bay Packers sweater, (“My girl bought me this”) and made a challenge to “Black and Yellow” singer Wiz Khalifa and mega Steelers fan Snoop Dogg.

When asked by the host if he wanted to make a wager against the duo, Wayne responded:

“I’m thinking since we all have long hair, the loser should cut their hair.”

We would LOVE to see that.

Weezy has also made a response record to Wiz Khalifa’s Steeler anthem called, “Green and Yellow.” Listen below:

I like this record….it’s funny and clever. Weezy is a beast.

As for people from his native New Orleans getting pissed at him for not being a Saints fan, Weezy responded:

“I have NEVER been a Saints fan..they haven’t been good in years. I grew up a Packers fan thanks to my dad.”

So what’s up Snoop and Wiz? You up for the challenge?



Author: BeccaSTAR

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