IceCream jealousy: Why Enrique REALLY bailed on Britney’s tour

Enrique Iglesias says that he is NOBODY’S opening act…especially not Britney Spears’…

Yesterday Britney Spears announced that she was going on tour with fellow singer Enrique Iglesias…only to have him quit on her just a few hours later.

Many wondered why he would skip out on the tour before it even started, and we have the scoop.

Insiders say that Enrique did not like the idea that he was being pawned off as Britney’s opening act…

TMZ says:

We’re told lawyers and agents for Britney and Enrique were hammering out an agreement for weeks, and the terms were finessed to make Enrique appear to be a co-headliner.  We’re told both sides agreed to the deal and that’s why the announcement was made Tuesday.

We hear Enrique went on the internet yesterday to read what the blogs were saying and also called up a few friends, and it appeared to him that he was the “appetizer” on the tour; and Britney was the “main entree.”

His big ego wouldn’t allow him to go on stage before Brit…so he jumped ship.

Get it together Enrique. You just missed out on a great tour. Britney sells tickets….We are willing to bet that you couldn’t sell out Madison Square Garden on your own right now.

Just Sayin.’




Author: BeccaSTAR

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