More time for IceCream: LiLo not going to jail….(today.)

It was judgement day today for Lindsay Lohan…and she managed to escape jail…for now.

Judge Keith Schwartz has set another hearing for Lindsay’s stolen necklace case, mainly because he was upset that the media had received word of his sentencing proposal. In the documents that were “leaked” to the public, Judge Keith stated that if Lindsay were to take a plea deal as it has been reported; that she would serve a minimum 3 months in jail.

Apparently the courts aren’t too thrilled about this, and have moved Lindsay’s next court date to March 25th.

“If you and your counsel do not accept the plea deal, then you do not have to return to this court,” he said. If it goes further than that, another hearing will be set for April 22 where a new judge, Stephanie Sautner, will take over.

He’s giving her until her next court date to decide rather or not she wants the plea deal, or go to trial.

TMZ reports:

“If Lindsay doesn’t accept the plea, Judge Sautner will hold a preliminary hearing on April 22.  At the same time Judge Sautner will decide if Lindsay violated her probation — and it’s virtually a sure bet the judge will rule Lindsay did indeed violate it.  At that point Lindsay will go to jail as she awaits trial.”

So what’s it gonna be Linds?




Author: BeccaSTAR

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