Sexy Sundae: 50 Cent on Chelsea Handler

So 50 cent is going on the record about his “romance” with Chelsea Handler….

While not confirming or denying his alleged secret “affair” with the E! host, regardless of being spotted out together several times and even the photo of them in bed together above; he says that she is sexy in her own way.

50 recently told Vibe Magazine:

“Chelsea is confident. I think confidence is the sexiest thing about a person. She’s the kind of person that if you’re blessed with the opportunity to hang out with her, you’ll enjoy it. I’m not sure you’ll look at her and actually want to jump over the table and f%ck her, but you might. You would leave after talking with her feeling that she is a cool person.”

Yeah, we hear you Fif. We all know you and Chelsea got a little freaky…so why hide it? Confess already!

Just my opinion.



Author: BeccaSTAR

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