IceCream judge: Simon wants Paula on X-Factor

Simon wants Paula……

Simon Cowell has it all….the only thing missing is Paula Abdul. Simon says he wants the ex-idol judge to join him on his new show the “X-Factor” and he is pulling out all stops to get her.

“I missed her the second she left [Idol],” Cowell tells “Always loved working with her, even though she can be a pain.”

Although it has not been confirmed yet, sources say that Simon is in talks with Paula to bring her on the show, it is only short of being announced.

“Paula is IN. We are just waiting for the greenlight from her rep,” says a snitch.

If Paula joins the show, she will possibly be joining Mariah Carey, who is also allegedly on the show too.

I wish Simon would just announce who is on the show already. Jesus.

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Author: BeccaSTAR

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