Moss to the JETS?

Randy Moss may be taking his talents to the Big Apple….

According to the New York Daily News, the Jets have a legitimate interest in Randy Moss. The Jets are likely to start both Wide Receivers from last year, Braylon “Hot Hands” Edwards and Santonio “Whaddup” Holmes. Hot Hands has made it known he wants to remain a Jet and Holmes is taking the “wait and see approach”.

Moss had a career low 28 Receptions, 393 yards and 5 touchdowns while playing for the Patriots, then being traded to the Vikings, and then being released by Minnesota and ended the season on the Titans bench. Moss has a lost a step, as any 34 year old player would, but his step is still better than most. Moss is still a playmaker that is athletic, has elite hands with a high football IQ, and if he is able to learn a playbook and utilized properly, can still be very effective. The biggest issue with Moss is he suffers from SOS (Shaquille O’Neal Syndrome), where these guys are the most talented players we’ve ever seen at their position, both highly intelligent but it’s tough to keep them motivated for a long period of time. Shaq is the only top 10 player that has underachieved and Randy Moss is the best WR we’ve ever seen when he is motivated, but we just don’t witness it consistently.

Moss would be a very good pickup up, as you can get good value for him now and won’t have to pay him top WR money. He has Jets Cornerback Antonio Cromartie in his corner and I’d love to see Moss in New York as we would see a motivated Randy on the big stage, which is a pleasure for all football fans to see. Maybe Moss could give Cromartie some advice on how to use a Trojan, but I digress.





Author: BeccaSTAR

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