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Incubus- If Not Now, When

One of my favorite bands are back after a much long hiatus with their 7th studio album If Not Now, When.  At the end of their close for their last album Light Grenades (2006) the band went on a hiatus, vocalist Brandon Boyd stated

“It’s not that we were burned out being in a band or being in this band; I think that we, collectively, were feeling like if we didn’t step away from this monster that we created then it would begin to consume us. We had to plant some roots, lest we start to write songs about living on a tour bus. So we had to fall in love, we had to fall out of love, we had to make homes.

The band reunited in August of 2010 to start work on If Not Now, When and enlisted producer Brendan O’ Brein who worked on the band previous albums Light Greneades (2006) and A Crow Left of the Murder (2004). Much of the album was record while the band wrote the songs , which was something very new to the group. The album addresses  romance in an undertone and overtone sense. The title is very poignant to life’s reference, If Not Now When?

Check out lead single Adolescents of the album





















Colbie Caillat – All of You

The warm California sounds of Colbie Caillat has returned with her third studio album All Of You. Colbie if you didn’t know was a my-space phenomenon who was discovered by her popularity became the number one unsigned artist in her genre on my-space for four consecutive months. Her debut album Coco (2007) spawn a top five debut single with Bubbly,  won a Grammy in 2008 for her duet ” Lucky” with Jason Mraz , and took home  Album of the Year for her vocals and writing for Taylor Swift record breaking album Fearless.  All of You features 12 melodic tracks full of  glories and stories of love with uplifting lyrics stylistic change ups like featured guest on the album Common on Favorite Love. The wholesome girl next door has returned.

Listen to Favorite Song featuring Common below





















Cali Swag District – The Kickback

The group that taught the world ” How to Dougie”  is dropping their debut album The Kickback. They charmed their way into the hearts of  hip-hop community with their infectious beat of their debut single Teach Me How to Dougie and with the tragic murder of member  M-Bone months leading up to their debut album the remaining members  keep swagging forward to bring you a different sound for the new wave of I-Pod electric era youth.

Get down to their debut single ” Teach Me How to Dougie”



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