Sweet Listen: Jay-Z & Kanye West “Watch the Throne”

The countdown begins…

Photo above from listening for Watch the Throne, Mercel Hotel NYC.

With the anticipation growing and growing for this years highly anticipated collaborative album by Jay-Z & Kanye West  music lovers wait patiently for any sign for when Watch the Throne will finally hit our i-pods and car stereos. Slowly we are inching closer and by that we know because last night in NYC  Jay minus Kanye who was in Paris at the time held a listening session for the album inside a suite at the Mercerl Hotel in SoHo.  Jay -Z arriving after 9pm in his usual Yankee fitted, came directly from the Yankees and Tampa Bay game hoping to see Jeter  get his 3,000th career hit. According to BillBoard.com selected journalists and two contest winners were escorted to a suite on the second floor where a studio set up with a mixing board and mics filled the room. Attendees listened for three hours while Jay played tracks off the album through a Mac laptop.

Guests were served Jay’s very own Ace of Spades champagne with cheese/crackers on the side to make it more of a chill type of vibe. Before he began playing the album Jay asked for everyone to introduce themselves and asked if those standing in the entry way would like to join by jokingly saying, “Sit on the floor, we can make it like camp.”

“I think we should just play some music,” he said, by way of introduction.

The attendees were advised not to use any social media while in the room and were given notepads/pens to take notes. The songs dramatic and boastful , the collection showcased differences between the two artist.  Jay the technical lyricist and Kanye the animative  emotive character. The two began recording the album last year in England, Australia, New York , Paris and Los Angeles often in hotel rooms. Frank Ocean, the Def Jam singer and Odd Future affiliate, appeared on two of the initial eleven songs played, while Jay-Z’s wife, Beyonce, appeared on one. Jay hinted that a video for the track featuring Bey “Lift Off” could appear but did he did not want to follow a traditional single release for the album.

After the eleventh song was played the room was open to discussion Jay-Z said that the album had gone through three iterations and that he and Kanye had scaled back from their original direction, which was even more dramatic and calculated than the songs played last night. “H*A*M” was reflective of that direction, he said, and he said that he had been reluctant to release that record. Jay wanted the first single to be a  3 minute no hook song built on just him and Ye’ trading verses.  Jay-Z also talked about the difficulties of the collaborative process, and said that he wasn’t in a hurry to do another collaborative album because of the intense arguments that erupt during the process. Still, he said that he respected Kanye’s passion and hinted that more than one Watch The Throne sequel could come in the future.

Jay also said that he’s already two songs in for his next solo project, with four additional concepts in mind. Frank Ocean appears on one of the tracks already completed and Jay said he hoped to capitalize on his inspiration from Watch the Throne and continue recording his album.

I’ve been a Jay fan since day one and honestly I cannot wait! Ive been to so many of his concerts have a whole collection of Jay memorabilia and for me its like Christmas morning when this album drops. No release date has been confirmed for Watch the Throne but rumor has it if you pre-ordered the album the receipt date reads Aug.2nd ..

Stay Tuned…

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Author: BeccaSTAR

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