IceCream Fight: Tameka Raymond to Usher; “You cut me off, so I’m taking the kids!”

Tameka Raymond is pissed….and she wants her kids.

The ex-wife/baby mama of superstar Usher, is demanding sole custody of her two boys with Usher after the singer reportedly cut off her credit cards!

She claims that Usher is not involved in “co-parenting” and now that he has put a stop to her spending, including her charge cards at expensive department stores, she says the boys will be mine.

TMZ reports that in court papers recently filed inĀ Georgia, Tameka claims Usher:

    • repeatedly FAILED to obtain her permission to travel outside the state with the kids
    • never got her approval before hiring nannies or gave her first shot to watch the kids when he’s away for more than 8 hours
    • didn’t allow her to take the kids for 2-weeks in the summer of 2011
    • didn’t let her have custody of the kids during Christmas break 2010
    • And, he closed her Saks 5th Avenue credit card

Another tidbit? Tameka is rumored to not be a fan of Usher’s new girlfriend/manager Grace Miguel.

“She HATES Grace”, says an insider. She doesn’t like the fact that Grace is always around her kids and telling Usher what to do. She thinks that Grace is an old witch who needs to mind her own business!”

Usher also is reportedly behind on child support payments, after agreeing to pay 5k a month; but is now 35k behind. Now, she is aking for an increase each month, as well as back payments.

Wow, is only paying 5k for TWO kids? Sounds like he was getting off to me. I think Tameka is seeking revenge with the sole custody thing though. Just get the money and let him see his kids. It’s not his JOB to support your spending habits, get your own damn job.

Just Sayin’.




Author: BeccaSTAR

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