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Cowboys defensive coordinator Roby Ryan said in an interview with Al Michaels of NBC Sports that he doesn’t expect to be an assistant much longer.

“My chance will come,” Ryan said. “It only took my dad 25 years to get a (head coaching) chance and, hell, he’s better than me and (Jets coach and twin brother) Rex put together.”

Then Rob took a little dig at his twin brother.

“I know (Rex is) one of the most recognizable head coaches in football this year, and things like that, but, I mean, he’s also gone to two AFC Championship games in a row. I mean, I don’t think anybody else can say that. So, he’s had an opportunity and he’s done great with it. I’ll be better than him, so I’ll get my chance.”

I love Rob Ryan as a defensive coordinator, and I’ve told multiple people that he should be the Dallas Cowboys head coach if Jason Garrett doesn’t turn things around. Rob has done a tremendous job when he was a defensive coordinator for the Raiders, Browns and has turned this Dallas defense into one of the worst into a top 5 defense. His players love to play for him, he’s a great motivator and he brings his team a confidence, all similar to his brother. Rob’s personality is perfect for a team like Dallas, as it would be similar to what Jimmy Johnson brought; swag and an aggressive mentality. Jerry Jones better do whatever it takes to keep this guy on his coaching staff.

Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady to talk about Tenure with Raptors

The famous cousin teammates from 1998-1999, Half man/ Half Charmin Carter and T-Mac and his slumped eye will appear on TSN’s ‘Off the Record’ on Thursday to discuss their tenure with the Raptors.

Charles Oakley, who was a teammate with Carter and T-Mac from 19, will be in studio with Michael Landsherg.

This is somewhat interesting, as Carter didn’t like it when Mcgrady left for Orlando in 2000, and the two seemed to have somewhat of a beef with each other. This was a point in time where Vince Carter was considered a superstar and the most exciting player in the NBA, and McGrady was a great talent. McGrady went on to Orlando and become a super star in Orlando and was considered 1A/1B with Kobe Bryant.  If these two would’ve played together in the prime of their careers, they would’ve never won a championship, but we’d have highlights we’d still be watching on Youtube today.

Baron Davis a Laker or Knick?

Once the lockout ends, if the Cavaliers decide to shed the contract of B-Diddy using the proposed amnesty clause of the new CBA, his preference is to play for the Lakers or Knicks, and the Heat would not be near the top of the list.

This is a scenario that has a high probability of occurring, as the Cavs have what they consider their franchise player playing the same position in Kyrie Irving. Though B-Diddy would be a good mentor to Kyrie, he also takes away Irving and Ramon Sessions minutes, and the Cavs wouldn’t mind shedding that 10+ million dollar contract.

Even at the age of 32, Davis is still one of the most talented point guards in the NBA, as his ability to create his own shot, passing and his ability to hit the big shot is at an elite level. The knock on Davis is he tends to have Eddy Curry/Shawn Kemp Syndrome where he can blow up like a doll at any point in time, which then causes him to have injuries, and not to mention his shot selection can be among one of the worst.

The best fit for Davis would be the Knicks, as his skill set is perfect for Mike Dantonio’s system, and even though Chauncey Billups is a better player at this stage, Davis is a much better fit for that team. If this move happened and they kept both players, because Billups is a 6’4 point guard that plays on strength, craftiness and shooting, he would be able to play the 2 guard position. A lineup with Davis, Billups, Melo and Amare would be very scary to match up against. Even if this move occurred, the Knicks are still allergic to defense, so I wouldn’t make them a contender, but they would be highly entertaining to watch.


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