Sprinkle Me: Kim Kardashian hires acting coach after criticism on set

Kim Kardashian may have fooled the world into believing that she “married for love”, but sources on the set of her new movie are saying that she isn’t fooling anyone with her acting.

Kim K, who landed a role in Tyler Perry’s “The Marriage Counselor” (insert joke here) reportedly has been screwing her lines up on set, and has hired celebrity acting coach Susan Batson to help her make a us a “believe” that she’s really an actress.

“At a table read last week when Kim was reading her lines everyone was making faces, and trying not to laugh”, says an insider on set. “Some of the cast and crew were saying she’s the worst actress ever, and is only cast in the movie to sell tickets.”

Kim reportedly heard the rumors about her on set and immediately hired an acting coach. Tyler Perry’s fans have called for the director to give her the boot, and some say they refuse to support the movie because of Kardashian.

I’m not convinced that Kim will be a a good actress, and I believe that it is a “business” move as to why Tyler Perry cast her. I think she should stick to doing what she does best…..whatever that is.

Just my opinion.

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Author: BeccaSTAR

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