Tiger who? Kobe Bryant’s alleged mistress count is at 105….do you believe it?

The National Enquirer is at it again..this time Kobe Bryant is on the hot seat. The mag claims that his soon to be ex-wife Vanessa says that not only did Kobe cheat the ENTIRE time, but he had over 100 women the over course of their 10 year marriage.

Here’s what they are saying over at the N.E.:

β€œ[Vanessa] estimated that he was averaging at least 10 affairs a year with different women over the course of their marriage and puts his number of conquests at 105,” a friend told the tabloid.

β€œThe lies and deceit hurt, of course, but racking up those kinds of numbers is mind-blowing and left her devastated. And when she discovered he was cheating during the recent NBA lockout, that was the final straw. Her private detective caught him redhanded with incriminating photos.”

For some reason, I don’t think that this is entirely untrue. Kobe is a rich and attractive athlete…women throw themselves on him. He acted like his life was over when that rape case rolled around a few years ago, when Vanessa was on the verge of leaving him. That would have been his opportunity then to end the marriage.

Either way, Vanessa stands to get at least a reported $75 millon in their divorce settlement.

105 women huh…..are you buying it?




Author: BeccaSTAR

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