Amber Rose vs. Kim Kardashian pt.2: Who’s the better “singer?” (LISTEN)

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian had a nasty battle last week because Amber alleged that Kim stole her ex-man Kanye West from her…now they are taking it to the music!

Amber Rose released her brand new song “Fame,” which is a pretty cool record even though Amber is pretty much auto-tuned the whole way through. *sigh….

Then that got us to thinking…remember when Kim tried to “sing” too?!

Oh lord, where are my earplugs!

So we decided to host a battle! Amber Rose vs. Kim Kardashian: Who has the best vocal skills? (I almost laughed when I typed that.)

Anyways, take a listen to Amber’s “Fame” featuring her hubby Wiz Khalifa.

Now, take a listen to Kim’s “Turn it Up.”

This round goes to Amber. By a long shot.

I can’t even sit through Kim’s entire song without laughing. Bit why the auto-tune Amber? You lost some points for that.

Who’s YOUR winner?



Author: BeccaSTAR

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