Blue Ivy Carter files: Jay-Z cries, Beyonce’ in full makeup, delivery room playlist–and more! (Exclusive details)

Beyonce’s has given birth to music royalty, and the world is going crazy….well some of us!

Blue Ivy Carter made her debut into the world Saturday night in NYC, and Beyonce’ and husband Jay-Z could not be more happier.

We have the exclusive details!

“Jay-Z just stared at Blue and cried moments after she was born”, says a hospital worker. I heard him whisper, “I’m finally a father, this is unreal.”

As for Beyonce’, she was nothing short of a diva while giving birth.

“She had a full face of makeup on, and her hair was polished,” says a nurse. “She looked like she was about to step on the red carpet!”

Beyonce’ reportedly requested chicken wings and a 7up, and little Blue Ivy did not leave the room at all after she had given birth.

Jay-Z also reportedly had a handheld camera recording it all.

“They played soft music on the stereo to calm Beyonce’ as she was giving birth”, says a nurse. “They were listening to Luther Vandross, and Sade. There was also a few of their songs in the rotation. Beyonce’s “Ave Maria” was played a few times.”

“Ave Maria” is also the same song that Beyonce’ walked down the aisle to when she and Jay jumped the broom.

“We bathed the baby right next to her bed and cleaned her up”, says a nurse. “She never left their sight.”

And why would she? Bey and Jay reportedly shelled out 1.4 million to rent out the 4th floor of NYC’s Lennox Hospital.

So which parent does the baby look like?

“She looks a lot like Beyonce”, says the nurse. “She has dark curly hair, and has Jay-Z’s skin tone… She is a clone of Beyonce’.”

Don’t expect to see any pictures of Blue Ivy for a very long time, the couple did not even confirm they were married until a year after they wed.

So why the name Blue Ivy?

Speculations are that “Blue” is Jay-Z’s tribute to his career. He found success and fame with his “Blueprint” album trilogy.

“Ivy” was chosen by Beyonce’ and is the roman numeral 4, (IV) spelled out. The number 4 holds significance to Bey as you may know.

Congrats to the happy couple, and welcome to the world Blue!



Author: BeccaSTAR

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