Jets Sanchez says He and Holmes can Co-Exist: The Biggest Issue in New York

During this past weekend, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and wide receiver Santonio Holmes had a dispute that has put a Mortal Kombat uppercut damage to their relationship. Sanchez declined to comment on the blowup itself, but did state the relationship isn’t beyond repair on “The Michael Kay Show” on 1050 ESPN New York.

“Anytime I get discouraged about it, I just flip on his highlight tape, the first year he came to us, after missing the first four games, and how much production he had. It’s in there. I know that ability is in there. We’re going to make things work. I’m the quarterback of the New York jets and it’s my job to do my very best with all the players we have and to get the best out of everybody. It’ll be a good challenge for me, but I’m excited about it.”

There have been rumblings of the Jets cutting Holmes, which isn’t going to happen as he still has four years remaining on his $45 million contract he signed last summer, and Holmes is the Jets best offensive player. Sanchez is not as bad as a quarterback as the public likes to think, as even though he didn’t put up astounding numbers, he did help lead this team to two AFC Championships. The problem in New York isn’t Sanchez or Holmes, it’s the offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

The Jets’ offensive was uncreative, and worst of all, tried to make the Jets a pass first offense. In 2009, the Jets were #1 in the NFL in rushing yards. In 2010, the Jets were #4, and this year the Jets were #22. Mark Sanchez is not an elite quarterback where you can put the game on his arm, instead he is a game manager that plays well off of play action passing, which is only effective when you have a great running game. Rex Ryan is a part of the problem as well, because as the head coach, you make the final decisions, and you need to tell your coordinator what will be the staple of our offense. If the Jets learn from this year’s mistake of running this type of offense, the Jets will fly to the playoffs next season, the pieces are in place.



Author: BeccaSTAR

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