Kobe Bryant reportedly getting wrist injections before each game—Should he sit out?

It seems like the last time Kobe Bryant didn’t play through an injury was when he was wearing #8 and rocking a fro. To help sustain the torn ligament in his shooting wrist injury, Kobe is taking a numbing injection to his right wrist before every game.

Kobe doesn’t want to publicize all the details of his wrist, which is usable only because the bones were not moved permanently out of alignment without the ligament to hold them in place.

I respect Kobe for wanting to play through injury, and he does this because of his big ego and he has the reputation of playing through injury. In this case though, this is a selfish act and is hurting his team more than helping. Yes, Black Mamba is their best player, but when he is having 6-28 shooting performances in a games where his twin towers are 15-27 in the same game, it negatively affects the Lakers offense.

This team needs a healthy Kobe come playoff time. This is a marathon, not a 100 meter race. Andrew Bynum has shown he is a different Bynum this year, as he dropped his body fat from 10.1% to 5.2%, and has put astronomical numbers.

In 3 games, Bynum has averaged 23 PPG, 17 RPG, 2 BLK in shooting 62% from the field in 32 minutes per game, and this is with Kobe Bryant taking away his shots. As it did in 2001-2002 when Kobe went out with an injury, and the team was winning with Shaq running the show, Kobe needs to do the same and let Bynum/Gasol run the show.




Author: BeccaSTAR

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