Skip Bayless to Tim Tebow: “Stop talking to Lebron!”

As everyone knows,  ESPN’s “First Take” host Skip Bayless would love to change his last name to Tebow, as Skip has a Brokeback Mountain kind of love towards the Broncos star QB. Everyone also knows, he is the complete opposite when it comes to LeBron James. So what is it that could give Skip a meltdown?

Well, Skip tweeted this under @realskipbayless today…

“Driving me CRAZY that Tebow and LeBron are tweeting each other like two little kids who just became best friends. Enough!

Timothy Tebow responded to his stalkers tweet around noon eastern today under his twitter name @TimTebow:

“@RealSkipBayless I’ve always appreciated your support but you gotta give @KingJames (LeBron’s Twitter name) credit… Dude’s a beast? Check my next retweet…”

The ReTweet was from @ESPNStatsInfo stating:

“LeBron had 31 pts, 8 Reb, 8 Ast, 4 Stl & 3 Blk. In the last 25 seasons, only 2 players have hit those marks in a game twice. LeBron & Jordan”

Starting at 2:00 PM EST, This is where Skip shows his true crazy side, unprofessionalism and the true disgusting bias he shows on both sides:

“NO, NO, NO @TimTebow  Your new best buddy @kingjames is using you to get me to support him. And YOU’RE FALLING FOR IT! Don’t be naïve!

3 minutes later he tweets:

“Understand, @TimTebow , I think @kingjames is a good guy BUT IT WOULD TAKE A MIRACLE (Jets, Bears, Steelers) to make me a LeBron fan. No way.”

9 minutes later he tweets:

“I agree @TimTebow that @LeBronJames is a beast … until the 4th quarter, your quarter.”

Skip really shows how big of a douche he is in these tweets and that he thinks the universe evolves around him. He is a 60 year old man, getting jealous over what two men in their 20’s are doing, and think they are doing it because of him?




Author: BeccaSTAR

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