The Biggest Reason behind the Cowboys Failures–and No, it’s NOT Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys cap off the 2011-2012 season in a way that fans have been used the past 16 seasons: In disappointment. The year of 1995 is the last time the Dallas Cowboys were standing at the middle of the field, confetti raining down, and feeling like Jack on Titanic saying “I’m the King of the World.” After Sunday night’s 31-14 loss to the New York Giants, in a win or go home game for the division title, the opinions are brought to fruition as to why the Cowboys continue to be a disappointment. You hear the problems being quarterback Tony Romo, head coach Jason “Carrot Top” Garrett, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan scheme being complex, the secondary, talent, etc. Whenever a team loses, everybody contributes to the loss, so some valid points can be made for all of them at times. The problem is much bigger than that, and unfortunately for Cowboy Nation, it may never be able to be solved. The biggest reason for the Cowboy failures is on one man. The man who’s ego is Kanye West to the 10th power. The man who helped bring the “Billion Dollar Stadium” to Dallas.

The man none other than…Jerral “Jerry” Wayne Jones.

For every successful business, the owner finds the right personnel to run and maintain his business. You have Employees, Supervisors, Managers, AVP, VP, Senior VP and making its way up to the CEO. Due to their being so many different aspects and focus that needs to go towards a certain job, this is all necessary. The problem is when the CEO of the company doesn’t allow the Vice Presidents and Managers do their job and decides I’ll do it, and you be the puppet, there is going to be a problem. This then trickles it’s way to the employees where the CEO is speaking publicly on behalf of the manager and employees. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, you get that extra stress fire ball feeling in your stomach because of the fear of the CEO with the micromanagement, and you are not allowed to perform your job at the best of your ability. In this case, Jerral Wayne Jones is doing just this for his business called the Dallas Cowboys, with his front office, coaches and players.

Due to the way that Jerral is running his business, an elite head coach does not want to manage his football team, because they know they will have to deal with the Jupiter size ego of Jerral Jones. There is no other sport where coaching is more important than it is in football. Look at the San Fransisco 49ers, they went from a below .500 team to 13-3 and a 1st round bye with the same players from the bad football team, all because of the head coach. When the Cowboys had an elite coach, they won two straight superbowls and the other time three straight 5-11 seasons were turned to a playoff team in the coaches first year. Those two head coaches being Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcels, and they both ended up leaving for the same exact reason: They couldn’t deal with the Jerral Jones micromanaging. So instead, Jerral hires head coaches that are not ready or established to be a head coach, but because they will be his puppet.

Talent is not an issue for the Dallas Cowboys, as they are one of the most talented teams in the NFL. Carrot Top is a good coordinator, but is not ready to be a Head Coach. It would be assumed after continuous years of failure, Jerral would realize he is the problem. He would look at how the Patriots and Steelers of the world run their franchise, and attempt to replicate that. Nope, not Jerral, of course, because he had success in the 90’s, it built his ego to maximum status and he will never acknowledge he is the reason for this team’s failures. The other big ego owner in Dallas that runs a basketball franchise learned to shut his mouth, and look where it took his team. Unfortunately for Cowboy Nation, it doesn’t appear Jerral will take note of this, and continue to be the dark cloud hovering over the Dallas Cowboys. The hope is that sunshine will be revealed, but it appears the umbrellas will have to stay out.



Author: BeccaSTAR

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