Melo speaks out on being labeled ‘Selfish’: The biggest adjustment that Knicks need to make

There have been a lot of rumbles around Knick nation that they are afraid of Carmelo Anthony coming back, as he will be a ball stopper and mess up the free flowing offense that has taken place since Jeremy Lin has started at point guard.

 Most athletes will go on record that criticism from the critics do not bother them and they are just focusing on the game, which is about as believable as the tooth fairy. Melo admits that he has been bothered by critics saying he’s too selfish to play in this offense.

 “That’s like a slap in the face. None of my teammates I’ve ever played with would say that I was a selfish player. Nobody.”

 It’s a tough situation. I’m human at the end of the day, so it’s like damn, where is this coming from? I know I’m not a selfish player. People around me know I’m not a selfish player. I do everything I can to make people around me understand I’m not a selfish player.”

This is a subject that I thought I would never be an issue, as Melo isn’t somebody that has to have the ball in his hands all the time. Yes, he works his best in iso, but he is the most talented scorer in the league that has an arsenal similar to a level 80 Call Of Duty soldier. Melo getting open shots and easy baskets from Lin creating will not be a problem. The biggest thing fans should be worried about is defense.

 During their 7-game winning streak, the Knicks have given up 89 PPG, compared to 95 PPG as previously. Melo and Amare are ‘some-timey’ defenders, where they can play great defense when they want to, but majority of the time, they play defense as good as Future can rap.

 In the end, if I’m a Knick fan, I would be very excited about the progression of this team, and see both Melo and Amare buying in and seeing more of a consistent defensive effort, as they do not want to get on the bad side of the New York fans and media, and most importantly, they want to keep Linning.



Author: BeccaSTAR

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