Tabloid publishes Whitney Houston’s death photo: Who sold Whitney out?

Somebody sold Whitney Houston out–one last time.

A photo of Whitney Houston in her coffin has been sold to the National Enquirer, and of course the publication has plastered the image on the front cover of their magazine in order to sell copies.

The disturbing photo seen below, shows Whitney wearing a purple dress with her nickname “Nippy” inscribed on the casket bed.

The photographer of this photo is said to have made at least 500k from the sale of it.

So who sold Whitney out?

“I wouldn’t rule out family members, or funeral home workers on this one”, says an insider. “Whitney’s mother Cissy; is said to be extremely disgusted and distraught with this. She can’t believe that someone would do this. Whitney suffered enough.”

The photograph does not bear a credit, and The Enquirer is not releasing any details about how they obtained it. No one from Houston’s family has called the photograph out as fraudulent.

The National Enquirer is sticking with it’s decision to air Whitney’s final photo.

“I thought it was beautiful,” publisher Mary Beth Wright told

Fellow members of the media attacked the publication’s decision as tasteless and morbid.

The Washington Post declared that “a line had been crossed.” The website Jezebel called it morbid and the site The Daily Caller added: “Running an image of Whitney Houston’s lifeless body on the cover is pretty par for the course for The National Enquirer, but it’s still a bit much.”

I think this is disgusting. I don’t expect anything less of the enquirer though, they are the same ones who aired Elvis and many other dead celebs on the cover of their magazine to make money.

Journalism at it’s finest.



Author: BeccaSTAR

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