Andrew Bynum benched for shooting 3: “But I’m going to take more”

After a game where coach Mike Brown benched Kobe Bryant in the 4th quarter after a tantrum on the sidelines, now Brown’s authority has been tested again as his 7’0 280 pound Center decides he wants to be Dirk for a possession and chuck up a three pointer (which missed badly). Mike Brown didn’t take to kindly to this and benched his big man.

Here is what Coach Brown had to say about the incident.

“If I feel like I have to take him out the gamin again, I’ll take him out the game. If I don’t feel like he’s playing the right way, I’ll take him out the game. I didn’t feel like he was playing the right way. I didn’t feel like we were playing the right way as a club when he was on the floor. That’s why I took him out the game.”

I commend Mike Brown for doing this and not putting up with idiot acts. To many coaches will leave their best players in the game even though they are hurting their team with taking shots outside the flow of the offense or just doing something completely dumb like Andrew Bynum did.

Pau Gasol even knows that isn’t “Andrew’s Game” and expects his teammates to “do the right thing”.

So what’s Bynum’s thoughts on getting benched?

“I guess don’t take 3’s is the message. But I’m going to take some more. I just hope it’s not the same result. I hope that I make it.”

This is the biggest issue with Andrew Bynum outside of his grandfather knees. The fact that he is this immature to think it’s ok to shoot threes. Then the fact that teammate Kobe Bryant finds it “somewhat amusing” and chuckled when Bynum shot the three. As a “leader” of the team, you need to take initiative to enforce that this type of foolery never happens.

This is the type of attitude that will get the Lakers wiped off the floor by Oklahoma City in the playoffs this year. You won’t see Serge Ibaka or Kendrick Perkins chucking up threes like it’s the all-star game and see Kevin Durant or Westbrook laughing about it.

Not to mention, the Lakers have nobody that can guard Durant or Westbrook anyway.




Author: BeccaSTAR

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