Drew Brees “livid” over Saints franchise tag–may hold out

When I first got word that the Saints offered Drew Brees a franchise-tag deal instead of a long-term contract, I viewed that as disrespectful as Rick James kicking dirt into Eddie Murphy’s couch. According to reports, Drew Brees is feeling mutual.

According to WIST-AM, citing sources in the quarterback’s camp, after a record setting season, Brees is livid over the franchise tag and may hold out if a long-term deal is not met.

As much as Brees has done for this organization, making this awful franchise relevant again and bringing a World Championship to New Orleans, is disgraceful and this treatment is even worse than the Colts with Peyton.

Brees is not coming off of a season ending neck injury and do not with hold the #1 pick for a franchise quarterback, instead, Brees is coming off a season where he broke the NFL passing yardage record, proving on the field he is still a top 3 QB, but yet, no long term deal.

I expect a long-term deal to come soon for Brees, as the out roar from the Saints and even NFL fans, would be too loud for the organization to try to mute out and will put a black mark on the organization. Players from around the league will look at this as well and would second guess coming to the organization.

The Saints need to smarten up, sit down with Brees and say…





Author: BeccaSTAR

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