Lil Kim’s friends: She keeps getting plastic surgery because she wants to look like Beyonce!

Take a look at this photo of rapper Lil Kim below….look like anyone you recognize?

Yep, that’s Lil Kim looking a lot like the QUEEN herself, Ms. Beyonce.

Lil Kim showed up last night at BET’s “Rip the Runway” looking barely recognizable. What’s up with that?

Close friends of Lil Kim are saying that she won’t quit until she obtains the perfect face…and that face is Beyonce’s!

“Kim is OBSESSED with Beyonce’s look”, a friend of the star tells us exclusively. “She has lightened her skin, makeup, and altered her style to match Beyonce’s. She believes that Beyonce’ has the look that sells in the mainstream, and that’s where she is trying to get back to.”

Lil Kim has not faired with the media the past few years. No top hits, and a beef with Nicki Minaj that got her no where. Is an image change what she needs?

Take a look at these pics from last nights BET event. Is she channeling Beyonce?

Now take a look at Beyonce’….

And here’s Lil Kim again….

I definitely see the similarity. But I don’t think that a Bey Bey makeover will bring her success. I personally like Kim better BEFORE all of the surgery.

What do you guys think…is a Beyonce’ makeover a sure fire way to get her back in the spotlight?



Author: BeccaSTAR

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