Jalen Rose confronts Skip Bayless on First Take about “Basketball Star” lie (VIDEO)

On March 31st, one Skip Baseless went on to tell us on his twitter account, @RealSkipBayless , about how he was such a great high school basketball player:

“FYI: I started for high school team that lost in state finals. Coach didn’t like me b/c I shot too much and he wanted me to be more PG. Tall for age in 9th grade, chosen MVP of state-wide basketball camp over several future D1 Players. Decided I was Maravich. Coach disagreed.”

What Skip Baseless seemed to forget is, there are a lot of sport investigators out there, that would see if what he stated was true, and as reported by BSO, “Skip Bayless Lied About Being a High School Basketball Star..Of Course He Did” , that Mr. Baseless was feeding garbage. Comes to find out, good ol boy Skip was starting JV his Junior year and averaged a team worst 1.4 ppg his senior year.

NBA analyst Jalen Rose found out about this article, and sent out a tweet to Skip under @JalenRose, stating:

“@RealSkipBayless Say it aint so. Pete Maravich Jr. averaging 1.4 ppg as a senior?”

Welp, during an ESPN First Take debate, where Skip is obviously mocking Russell Westbrook, saying he is the MVP of the league, with it being well-known how he constantly bashes Westbrook. During the debate, when Skip goes to ask what position did Jalen play, Jalen decided to ask Mr. Baseless about his high school career.

Water-Pistol Pete

I was literally in tears over this video and how embarrassed Skip looked. This isn’t the first time that Jalen has put ol Skipper in his place.

In this video, Jalen tells Skip about his “haterade problem,” and why he has a negative view on great professional athletes.

Aye, Skip….




Author: BeccaSTAR

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