Nicki Minaj’s new album is a disaster, says critics

Nicki Minaj fans, you might not want to read this.

“Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”, Nicki’s sophomore album was leaked a few days ago; and the reviews of it are going to send Barbz and Ken’s  everywhere to the nearest bridge.

Nicki’s album will hit the shelves tomorrow, and so far critics are less than pleased with her effort.

Slant magazine only gave the album one-and-a-half stars, acknowledging that although it starts off strong with, “hard, confrontational rap songs,” the remaining 53 minutes of Roman Reloadedare a disaster.”

“Tacked on to this mediocre rap album is a ghastly and desperate bid for a hit single that sees Minaj and producer RedOne snatching items from a veritable sale rack of tired Top 40 tricks and tossing them hastily over the most basic synth and drum-machine presets,” wrote Matthew Cole.

“Now that she has sold well over 2 million albums and 5 million singles, Nicki pretty much has a free pass to do whatever she likes, but as Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded proves; creative freedom isn’t always a good thing,” wrote Carl Daniel of The Koalition.

Billboard added, “Minaj spends more time exploring her musical identity on Roman Reloaded than she does perfecting one, which makes the album sound bloated and rushed.”

I was just saying on twitter the other day that I was not a fan of any of Nicki’s new music. It just seems that she is trying too hard in my opinion. I don’t think bad reviews will stop her from selling albums though. After all, it is the fans that buy them, not the critics.

She has no competition in her lane right now of female rap. However, if a new breakout artist emerges, she might be in some in trouble.

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Author: BeccaSTAR

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