Reggie Bush to Kim Kardashian: Stop dating all of these guys!

Kim Kardashian has been linked to just about every famous man on the planet, and before she moved on to Kanye West; her one true love Reggie Bush turned her down!

“Kim spent a lot of time with Reggie at his house, and the two had very long and thoughtful conversations about what their future could look like together,” a source close to the former couple tells Radaronline.

“Kim absolutely wanted to get back together with him, but Reggie pointed out that they both want very different things out of life. Reggie is much more low key than Kim and does not want to live his life in the public eye the way she has chosen to. Remember, when Reggie and Kim first started dating, she didn’t have a reality show; that came about a year into the relationship. There will always be a lot of love between Kim and Reggie, but he just doesn’t see a future with her.”

Reggie says that she needs to slow down on dating all of these guys back to back.

“Yes, Kim is no longer is with Kris (Humphries) and the divorce will become final soon, but it hasn’t even been a year since the wedding. Reggie felt that getting back together with her would be a step backwards for him and he moved on a very long time ago,” the source says. “Reggie doesn’t have any bad feelings towards Kim and he only wants the best for her but he told her she should spend some time on her own for awhile. Several weeks after he had that conversation with her she went public with Kanye, affirming that he made the right decision.”

Kim loves the spotlight, and dating every man in America who is somebody– keeps her there. I wouldn’t take her back either Reggie!




Author: BeccaSTAR

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