All the Spurs Do is Win: What NFL Franchise do they compare to?

When the casual NBA fans think of historic franchise dynasties, the first that come to mind are the Jordan Bulls, Showtime Lakers, Bird’s Celtics, Bill Russell’s Celtics, Shaq/Kobe Lakers, Bad Boy Pistons. Now the recognition is deserved for these historic teams, but the Spurs seem to be forgotten and are STILL making history.

On Sunday night, the Spurs capped off their 18th straight win with bringing out the brooms against the LA Clippers. Most teams after winning this amount of games in a row and playing at this dominant of a level would begin to become buffet full of themselves, but not this team.NBA


The Spurs are the NBA version of the New England Patriots.

The core of elite franchises start at the top in management, as no NBA GM has been more consistently better than RC Buford has in his 10+ years as the Spurs GM, similar to the Kraft family in New England. There are more hits than misses and matters are handled in a professional manner, instead of the owner garnering for attention *cough* Dan Gilbert, Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban, Jim Irsay.

On the court/field, both franchises are led by the best coach in their sport (Popovich and Belichick) and a superstar court/field general (Duncan and Brady). Even though they don’t win it every year, they are always in the conversation because both franchises have these two components going into battle. The Patriots have 3 championships and the Spurs with 4 isn’t too bad of an indicator to reflect their success.

In the WCF, we will witness old skool vs new skool. Elite athleticism and iso ball versus fundamentals and basketball purity. Franchise hungry for its first championship versus the team hungry for a 5th.  New Age Superstar vs Old School Superstar. Durant versus Duncan. Thunder versus Spurs.



Author: BeccaSTAR

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