Beyonce’ skips bestie’s party…to avoid being in the same room with Kim Kardashian

Jay-Z threw a huge birthday party for he and Beyonce’s bestie Ty-Ty last night in London….and Beyonce’ was no where to be found.

Bey is in the states rehearsing for her Memorial Day shows, and had NO PLANS to show up once she found out that Kanye would be bringing Kim along!

“She wants NO PARTS of Kim Kardashian,” says an insider. “She refuses to be photographed with her.”

Beyonce’s BFF Gwyneth Palrow was there, along with Rihanna and newcomer Rita Ora.

Kim is said to be willing to do whatever to gain a friendship with Beyonce’.

“Kim knows that being friends with Beyonce’ will take her star power to the next level”, says an insider. “Too bad Beyonce’ is NOT interested.”

Should Beyonce’ play nice with Kim, or is she doing the right thing?



Author: BeccaSTAR

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