CP3 apologizes to Clippers’ GM for getting swept: What’s next for the franchise?

The Clippers were expected to lose to the much better San Antonio Spurs in the 2nd round, but more disappointment came from the fact the series was not even competitive as they were swept onto the fishing boat. Chris Paul, who is known as the most competitive player in the NBA outside of #24 in LA, was more than displeased about the way the team he led went out.

CP3 called Clippers GM and VP of Basketball Operations, Neil Olshey after the Clippers Game 4 loss on Sunday.  

CP3 disturbed from being swept and vacuumed by the Spurs, told Olshey that “this isn’t going to happen again.”
“I talked to him, thanked him for the opportunity, and told him that I hated how it ended,” CP3 said. “I didn’t think we should have been swept. I told him, ‘I’ll get better.’”

Neil Olshey even states that CP3 “already wanted to start talking about what we need, what we need to add.”

This is what makes CP3 a special player and a top 5 superstar (currently #3, behind LeBron and currently passed by KD for #2). Not only does he have that talent and the ability to dominate a game in a multitude of ways, but it’s that extra fire and the mentality of “I hate to lose more than I love to win” that has brought Clipper Nation alive and brings hope to the franchise.

The Clippers are headed in the right direction,  if the front office doesn’t screw this up.

If the Clippers are able to add Stan Van Gundy as Head Coach, add more quality tall/athletic wing players and Blake Griffin continues to develop that superstar potential into a superstar player, the Clippers and Thunder will own the Western Conference for the next 5+ years.




Author: BeccaSTAR

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