EXCLUSIVE: Eric Benet talks to us about his new album, DeAndre from American Idol, and more

We love Eric Benet…no, we REALLY love Eric Benet. Not only is he one of the greatest voices of our generation, but he is a total sweetheart!

We caught up with Eric backstage at the Billboard Music Awards, where he was kind enough to take some of our questions!

SBI: How does it feel to have a youngster like DeAndre from American Idol saying that you inspire him, and he loves your music?

Eric: It’s a huge compliment. It’s pretty affirming because as an artist when writing and producing in the studio, I am just in a bubble. I don’t know if people are going to hear it. So the fact that I have people that love my music blows me away enough, but then to find that a younger generation like DeAndre’s who is 17 or 18 years old feeling what I do, that’s crazy. It felt wonderful.

(DeAndre singing Eric’s hit record “Sometimes I Cry” on American Idol this year)

SBI: Will you work with him in the future?

Eric: I wouldn’t be opposed to that. Absolutely. I think that he has so much character and depth…and AGE in his voice. So I would love to.

SBI: Tell us about your new album.

Eric: New album comes out June 5th, it’s called “The One” and it’s my first individual independent release. It’s from my own record label called Jordan House Records, partnered with EMI/Capital. It feels wonderful to be in complete control of my career and creatively. Things are good.

SBI: Will your daughter India be a musician like you?

Eric: My daughter already is a musician. It’s her second year at USC, she’s doing incredibly well. She’s writing and producing some amazing stuff. She’s actually doing a duet with me onĀ  my new CD. She’s incredible. My India.

We will be on the lookout for Eric’s album “The One” in stores June 5th.




Author: BeccaSTAR

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