Newsweek declares Obama “The First Gay President”

Obama is down with the gays….and Newsweek made sure the world knows it.

Newsweek, which has recently become a conduit for controversy with its cover art choices, drew more attention with the debut of its latest issue declaring President Obama to be “the first gay president.”

The cover, featuring Obama anointed with a rainbow halo above his head, made its arrival on newsstands Monday and comes in the wake of Obama’s declaration last week that he is personally in favor of gay marriage.

The cover article, by prominent Newsweek political writer and outspoken gay community member Andrew Sullivan, delves into Obama’s past and asserts that given his background, his declaration of support for gay marriage should come as no surprise. Drawing parallels between the sense of isolation felt by many growing into accepting their homosexuality and Obama’s struggle to assert his own racial identity in his early years, Sullivan wholeheartedly celebrates Obama’s decision.

“Like many others, I braced myself for disappointment,” Sullivan writes. “And yet when I watched the interview, the tears came flooding down. The moment reminded me of my own wedding day. I had figured it out in my head, but not my heart. And I was utterly unprepared for how psychologically transformative the moment would be. To have the president of the United States affirm my humanity — and the humanity of all gay Americans — was, unexpectedly, a watershed.”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, when asked if Obama had any thoughts about the cover Monday, said “I don’t know if he’s seen it and I haven’t spoken to him about it.”




Author: BeccaSTAR

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