Ray-J hospitalized after fight with Whitney Houston’s family

Ray-J was Whitney Houston’s last male companion…but he get’s no love from her family!

According to TMZ, Ray was “extremely upset” by his confrontation with  Whitney’s sister-in-law Pat Houston, where he was asked to leave his seat which was placed next to Whitney’s family’s at the Billboard Awards. The site reports that someone went to Ray’s hotel room on Monday morning, but he appeared “out of it,” and couldn’t get out of bed.

Apparently, Ray was “extremely disorientated” and was quickly taken to a nearby hospital where he is currently being treated for exhaustion and jet lag. Ray had just returned from a whirlwind 32-hour round trip to China, where he had a performance and series of business meetings.

So far he has not been released.

Damn Pat, it’s like that? The boy loved Whitney….let him have his seat.

Just Sayin’.




Author: BeccaSTAR

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