Rihanna allegedly using “Party Girl Drip” to cure hangover’s from wild drunken nights

This has to be the strangest thing I have heard in awhile. Rihanna is rumored to be using an IV drip to cure her from hangovers after she parties all night.

We’ve got the scoop:

Her millions of fans were left terrified when she tweeted a picture of herself hooked up to an IV following the New York Met Ball earlier this month.

What followed were numerous reports that Rihanna had checked into a private medical facility amid claims she was suffering from exhaustion, with the singer herself later telling fans that she was suffering from the flu.

However, it now seems that perhaps the image of Rihanna’s arm in the hospital bed wasn’t quite what it seemed, and medical experts have suggested the 24-year-old singer is relying on the trendy ‘party girl’ drip to help her return to normality after heavy nights out.

In recent months, the popularity of the drip, which contains a concentrated dose of vitamins and nutrients – usually vitamins C and B complex, as well as magnesium and calcium – has risen drastically among those using them to help them cope with a heavy partying lifestyle.

However, New York medical director Dr Rashmi Gulari, who administers vitamin drips daily as part of her work with Patients Medical in Manhattan, told Grazia magazine: ‘Rihanna can’t expect to carry on with her all-night partying and hectic lifestyle in the hope that a regular vitamin drip will wipe out the damage she’s done to her body.

‘Many youngsters and celebrities know how to get on that high and now, with vitamin drips, they know how to get their recovery fix after. But it can’t work like that.’

So now stars are shooting themselves up with vitamins to recover from partying? This sounds like a recipe for disaster.




Author: BeccaSTAR

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