SPRUNG: Nicole Scherzinger’s racecar boyfriend is WHIPPED! (PICS)

In the latest episode of “I’m so p-whipped I can’t stand it”, we have former x-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger and her formula 1 racecar driver boyfriend Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis and Nicole enjoyed a nice vacation in the Italian Riviera over the weekend, and by the looks of these pics; this guy is so SPRUNG it hurts!

Take a look at Lewis eyeballing Nicole, and being a little puppy dog……

“You better not leave me girl”……

“I wanna kiss you forever…I looooovvveee you”……

“You can have whatever you like”……

“Kiss me again, so I know it’s real”…..

“Finally a break from him…..geez.”

“Better not be looking at my girl!!”

“Big mama needs a backrub”…..

“Do you REALLY love me?”

“Let me get that for you baby”….

Nicole must have that good-good, and we aren’t haters….keep that puppy on a leash girl! :)



Author: BeccaSTAR

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