Hey Kris Humphries–please tell us that this isn’t your new girlfriend

They say theĀ  best revenge against a shady ex-lover is finding someone who looks 10xs better than your last one.

And for Kris Humphries sake, we hope that this is not his “revenge” against his soon-to-be ex wife Kim Kardashian.

Kris was spotted in Miami beach with a dark-haired woman, kind of resembling Kimmy…but only from the back.

As for the rest of her? Not a chance.

Like my cakes Kris?

What in the?……

Bikini’s aren’t made for everyone….


That ain’t my b*tch!!!

TMZ is reporting that Kris says that she was NOT his new girlfriend, just some chick who happened to sit next to him. Kris spotted the photogs and quickly ran off!

Whew! That was close…..



Author: BeccaSTAR

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