Adam Levine: I HATE Chris Brown

Hey Chris Brown….Adam Levine hates your guts–if you care.

The Maroon 5 front man says that although Rihanna may have forgiven him, don’t expect him to anytime soon.

Star Magazine reports Adam is letting his feelings about Chris affect his job at The Voice.

“Adam hates Chris Brown. And he has no problem telling people that,” a source tells the magazine. Apparently Adam doesn’t like how Chris disrespects women.

In fact, when a contestant during auditions on The Voice sang a song of Chris’, Adam rejected him. “Adam flat-out told the guy he would have chosen him if he hadn’t sung a Chris Brown song,” the insider reveals. “He said some people might be over what Chris did, but he isn’t and never will be.”

I don’t think Adam is aware of how psycho Team Breezy is….he may want to keep his hate under wraps.

Just Sayin’.




Author: BeccaSTAR

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