Beyonce’ to Kim Kardashian: Talk about me or Blue Ivy, and you are THROUGH!

All of our mouths fell on the floor when Beyonce’ “befriended” Kim Kardashian…but that friendship comes with some stipulations.

Things may not always be what they seem.

They hung out at at their men’s “Watch the Throne” concert and sat together at the BET Awards but insiders are saying they aren’t BFF’s at all.

“Kim has wanted to be friends with Beyoncé forever,” an insider told Life &Style.

“‘From the moment she started dating Kanye, it was her goal to hang with Bey.”

Known for their privacy, Beyonce was said to be unimpressed when the ‘Stronger’ singer started dating the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star who she thought was “tacky”.

But after seeing how happy she has made the rapper, Beyonce is said to have given Kim a shot and accepted her into her clique.

“They’re really getting along well. Kim and Beyoncé just laugh and hang out like normal girlfriends.”

But just because she is “in” doesn’t mean the reality TV star can relax, known for her publicity loving ways Kimmie is under strict instructions that she is “not allowed to talk about” her new BFF.

“She’d be kicked out of the clique so quickly if she made any misstep,” the insider explained.

“Kim has to earn everyone’s trust. So she’s respecting Beyoncé’s privacy – and it fits in with the more private, post-divorce persona she wants anyway.”

Don’t expect any pics of Bey and Blue Ivy…that will never happen. Some are saying that Bey has allowed Kim to babysit Blue. YEAH RIGHT.

We will see how this works out.




Author: BeccaSTAR

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