Ray-J: I wish Kim and Kanye the best

The most hilarious tweet ever hit the web last night…courtesy of Ray-J:

Our thoughts exactly.

We all know that the only reason that Kim Kardashian is famous is because of the sextape that she did with Ray…and he wasted no time reminding Kim and the world of it last night.

It was the LOL heard around the globe at 52k retweets, and Ray called into LA’s Power 106 to chat it up about what he meant by the tweet.

It’s just a chuckle. I felt like it was real what was said [by Kim Kardashian] and I kind of laughed about it because it was just 100. So you know how you see some things and it’s 100 and you’re like, “Ahahaha (laughing) Retweet.”

Yeah sure Ray!

He also sent his well wishes to Kim and her man of the moment Kanye West:

Man, you know what? I wish them the best! Life is a rollercoaster ride so you never know what’s going to happen but I wish them the best and much success to both of them. Man this whole thing is like a Magic Mountain experience.


We know what you REALLY meant Ray…..sneaky bastard. :)



Author: BeccaSTAR

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