Here’s How to Make Google Form Easily

Google Form is an online form or questionnaire creation service provided by Google. This service can be accessed free of charge.

The existence of Google Form can make it easier for someone to create and collect the required data such as thesis research data, online registration forms, and others. In addition, security of data forms or questionnaires that are made are guaranteed. All data created will be automatically stored in Google Drive.

Here’s how to make Google Form easily and quickly:

  1. Make sure you already have a Google Mail or Gmail account.
  2. Access the Google Form site, Select the desired form template or adjust it as needed. You can also click the “+” sign with the name Blank and white background.
  3. If accessing it from Google Drive, click the New menu in the upper left corner then select More and select Google Forms. Next to Google Forms, point to the right arrow and click Blank Form or from Template.
  4. If you have chosen a template or created a blank template, you will see the Untitled Form column. Click the column and give the title of the questionnaire that you will make. Then in the Form Description column, make a clear description so that people understand the purpose of the questionnaire that you created.
  5. Create the question you want and select the type of question. For example Multiple Choice for a Yes, No, Maybe or Other answer. You can also choose Short Answers or Paragraphs for answers that require a description. There are also Checkboxes and Dropdown options. To add questions, you can click the “+” sign on the right side.
  6. You can make the respondent upload files such as documents or photos by adding features to the right.
  7. If you have arranged all the questions needed, click the Send button in the upper right corner. Then, share the Google Form link that you created with the intended respondent. You can also shorten the Google Form link created by clicking Shorten URL and directly copy the link.
  8. To see the results of the questionnaire or form that has been made, you can see in the Responses section to the right of the Questions section. You will see how many respondents have responded.